Kenneth Delgado
Royal Caribbean International - Freedom of the Seas Royal Caribbean International - Freedom of the Seas
Miami, Florida
"Kenneth Delgado"
Yesterday I got back from my INCREDIBLE cruise aboard the Majesty of the Seas. I was there on a 4 night cruise with my girlfriend. From the very beginning the process of boarding became very easy and hassle free. They kindly took our luggage and before we knew it we were in the ship. The service was exceptional, our stateroom attendant came over and kindly introduced themselves and told us that we could contact him for any concerns we may have. The food was good and always warm and well prepared. The staff of the entire ship was just a pleasure the whole time and really made every effort to make their guests have fun and feel relaxed and welcome. All the entertainment was very funny and very interesting too. They sat us down with three other couples and we made a great friendship on the 4 nights we were there to the poijt that we are all planning another cruise together. Thank you very much Royal Caribbean for such an amazing time, and for making us loyal cruisers!!