Shelby Denman
Medicine Hat Lodge
Medicine Hat, Alberta
"Shelby Denman"
I got there to set up a registration table for a conference I was working. They gave me a tiny 2 top table to work with. When I asked the front desk to get another table, they called banquets and there was no answer. They called several times with no answer. I saw an identical table not bring used just down the hall and I asked the front desk staff to help me move it to where my other table was. They told me they could not help me move it as that was banquets job. I could have got it myself but it was extremely heavy and I didn't want to drag it across the carpet. The front desk staff was very unhelpful and rude. After 10 minutes of me struggling to set my stuff up on this tiny table, one of the front desk staff said they would help me move the table. Not sure why they couldn't just do that from the beginning.