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Nov 15 '16 at 5:40

Jim Boss

Jim Boss
First trip here will be my last as hit a small OTL and at the time didn't have a ID with me but had 20 W2s and filled out w9 and their rules is picture ID as one of two forms of ID. My fault they give me a sheet of paper to come back and claim with in 90 days and all I need is my ID on returning. I drive back to GreenBay to return with my ID to have to go out and search my car for everything other then blood that's not good enough for what I'm guessing a 3rd form of ID that's not needed. After a hour of in and out to the car they take my articles of organization a IRS tax document and tell me it's going to be a hour to pay me yet. Trust me when I say go to Northstar just down the road as this place has taken over 2 hours to pay me and I'm sitting out side in my car as I don't want to hear how its 3 pages they have to fill out or it was a new supervisor that shouldn't have requested more Forms. Complete BS.