Quentin McAtee
Rivers Casino
Des Plaines, Illinois
"Quentin McAtee"
I've been to Rivers maybe five or six times. I won the first time and have lost every time since. My game of choice is roulette. Some may say it's the worst game to play. Say what you want. I'm pretty good at it. There's a basic strategy that most roulette players follow and that's playing areas of the wheel. In my opinion that is the best strategy. At Rivers that strategy is no good. It is very hard to predict what is coming next each spin of the wheel. I've heard stories of them cheating at this casino and getting busted. I'm not sure how true they are. I definitely think something is going on there, especially after reading other reviews. I vowed to never go back. There are so many rules there that it makes me feel like a kid. I can't really speak on the staff. They are not 24hrs like most casinos and it does get very crowded. Their comps suck. The best experience is the burger from the burger joint, Flipt. @ v saitta, this is my first casino review and I don't drink when I gamble.