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Nov 14 '16 at 23:15

Danielle N

Danielle N
My husband and I stayed here for a week. We upgraded to a king superior room and we were given a deal by a very friendly gentleman at check-in. The upgrade was worth it to be able to have a fridge for snacks, and for having a deep-soaking tub for our feet at the end of each day in Vegas. We were nervous about the hotel before we arrived; we had read in reviews and travel guides that it was noisy, old, and "the cheapo hotel", however we chose it because my parents had no issue when they had stayed there. It was still a very nice hotel, even if it was not as posh as the hotels toward the north end of the strip. We thought it was comparable to the high-end hotels our home city. It was not noisy or old, and we certainly felt that we got more than we paid for. We were taken good care of by housekeeping and staff, and everyone wore a smile. One word of caution: the concierge service will try to sell you on a time share presentation - if you are willing to sit through a 3 hour presentation it would be worth it to get cheaper tickets to shows. However, my husband and I were not going to sacrifice that much time from our vacation. I highly recommend this hotel to frugal couples looking for a fun vacation. You will get comfort and cleanliness for minimal expense.