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Nov 17 '16 at 14:27

Dian Primm

Choctaw Casino - Pocola

Dian Primm
I ate buffet at Gilley's restaurant last night. When I went through line, there was a raw piece of prime rib laying there. The prime rib was thick also. I didn't want that piece of prime rib. The guy that was attending the prime rib said he would heat me another piece in the skillet. He did but he gave the piece that I wanted to someone else. When I also got up from my table to get some ice cream, the waitress cleared my table and took my water and coffee. She brought a coffee cup back with cream in it. Might have been my coffee cup, but she should have brought me a fresh cup out since she took my coffee cup. There is a strange and weird guy with brown hair that works there and he may work in the security dept. He is very unfriendly and looks very unfriendly. If you become in close contact with him, he turns his head completely to the opposite side. He has worked there for a few years. I reported some things in the past that dealt with security. I was ignored last year with my report. This guy with brown hair that works there has bad emotional problems. He needs another kind of job instead of his security position. I don't like to go because they don't treat people right.