Ryan Coller
Rolling Hills Casino Rolling Hills Casino
Corning, California
"Ryan Coller"
Don't want this to sound like sour grapes because it was a bad night financially but when the dealer named sue with what I would assume were herpes bumps all over her lips tells you that if you're here to win think again i have a problem with that would've had a problem if I was up as substantially as I was down haven't been here for about 3-4 years because I haven't been down in Cali but I had stopped coming back then because of the rude behavior of the staff at that time i was hoping it would have been a different attitude from the staff but it appears nothing has changed. So Miss dealer named Sue thank you for making it clear that my business is not wanted here next time I'll stop at one of the many truck stops in the Area cause I do come to win and it does matter where I spend my money. My review will probably not stop anyone from going but hold on tight to your money and if you see herpe Sue change tables she doesn't have your best interest in mind nor should she she works for the house but change up your attitude .next time i think I'll pass