Sungyou Kim
Seminole Classic Casino Seminole Classic Casino
Hollywood, Florida
"Sungyou Kim"
Slightly better than Seminole Hard Rock Hotel in Tampa. It's cleaner and the air is less filled with smoke than the Tampa location. Despite winning $900 at slots the cocktail waitresses never smiled and seemed pretty unhappy in general ( Strangely the opposite in Tampa ). Whether it was from the rib-breaking corsets they're forced to wear or other reasons - I couldn't guess. The front desk and player's club attendants were polite as they should be. The slots are tight in general, but again not as horrible as the ones in Tampa. For that reason, the slightly cleaner environment, and the fact they don't charge $10 for parking like the Tampa location does only do I give it 2 stars. And my rating is not based on the gambling luck at the Hollywood Hard Rock, in which case I'd give it 5. I have no experience with the hotel side of their services so this rating is purely for the casino.