James Green
Century Casino & Hotel Century Casino & Hotel
Central City, Colorado
"James Green"
Had read a lot of reviews before going, and picked this from the positive reviews. Being retired I have been to 3 casinos in the Midwest. I did not go to play table games, nor did I go to stay in the hotel. I wanted to have fun at the slots. I expected bonus wins and free games as a matter of policy to get you to continue to play longer. Forget it. Very few free games, not worth mentioning it. Spent $800 on 12 different machines. Won nothing. Not even a bonus or a free spin. Upon leaving I looked at the people's faces who were also leaving. Saw that funeral stare, like they had just lost their house. Nobody was smiling, nobody showed they had fun. Some people sitting in parking garage totally silent. If you go there eat their food or stay in hotel, something has to be good there. If you want to go to a funeral , play the slots.