Betty Jacobsen
Nisqually Red Wind Casino Nisqually Red Wind Casino
Olympia, Washington
"Betty Jacobsen"
I had previously given this casino 4 stars however after my last visit on December 3, 2016 I MUST lower my rating. At 2:30 in the morning security POUNDED on the door of my RV to tell me I have to leave. Reason being was because I have been parking there to much in the past. The tribe apparently doesn't like RV'ERS to stay there more than 1 night. Security told me that I had about 25 minutes to be gone before they came back and that the next ones might not be as nice about it. My husband is disabled and I am a senior citizen. To top it all off it was raining and about 35 degrees outside. So fellow RV'ERS BEWARE! They don't like us.

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