Anthony Segretto
Best Western Plus Casino Royale Best Western Plus Casino Royale
Las Vegas, Nevada
"Anthony Segretto"
If you need a room on the strip in the middle of all the action, and you don't want to spend as much money as the surrounding hotels, then the Best Western Casino Royal may be a good option for you; however, don't expect a lot from your stay. Both the Casino and Hotel are clearly lowest quality when compared to surrounding options. It was the lowest quality place I've stayed in since I was a low budget college kid. If you compare prices of rooms and food with Best Western Plus Casino Royale with most other locations in the USA, you will find the prices here are at least triple what you would have to pay elsewhere for the same quality. The service seems to be trying to satisfy, but they are overworked, and under responsive. There was never not a line at the front desk and they didn't respond to my phone call request. However, they were friendly and clearly trying to do their best. I don't gamble but it was clear that the Casino Royale doesn't exactly attract the 'high rollers.' That said, it's less than a minute walk from the front door of the Venetian, Mirage, and Harrahs. I gave it an extra star for it's location alone. It worked out great for me because I had a tech conference at the Venetian and Mirage and I didn't have to pay the price to stay at those hotels.