raymond dunthorne
Len D Lucy Memorial Park Len D Lucy Memorial Park
Mount Garnet, Queensland
"raymond dunthorne"
In great shape at the moment (2016) I don't think there is a poor seat in the room and the sound is pretty damn good from all of them. Lovely staff now (it hasn't always been the case) and a great place to go to see a gig. Upstairs is great now too. There's no downside to Ronnie Scott's, with the possible exception of the food not being tremendous, but that's traditional ('You eating here? Got the soup? Indians come from miles around just to dip their arrows in that...' Buddy heard by me @ Rich, Ronnie Scott's Club, in 1981). Not to mention the fact that there' just aren't that many jazz venues in London, so getting tickets can be a challenge when it's someone super-popular.