Jim Murray
Indian Springs Hotel & Casino Indian Springs Hotel & Casino
Indian Springs, Nevada
"Jim Murray"
Concierges are not all equal, we had a good one that setup shows, etc. before and after we arrived. But when we left photos on the tour bus with 2 days left on our stay, and the tour guide gave them to the Concierge and they never gave them to us. We got back and questioned the Tour, they said they were given to the hotel, hotel said they would send them, and then wait a week and have to fill out all kinds of forms, fill out credit card info, send that credit card info through the mail, and OH we may charge you $15 to package it and $8 to send it. That added insult to injury when we were locked out of our room for over 40 min because the battery in the door would not pull the lock back. We were almost late to a show waiting on the maintenance person. Main desk said they would give us that day free.. never was reimbursed, as we had paid in advance. The pool area which is really nice was closed and security said we couldn't even sit on the bench and read. Won't come back if they don't honor their customers.