paul smith
SLS Las Vegas Hotel & Casino SLS Las Vegas Hotel & Casino
Las Vegas, Nevada
"paul smith"
Loved the whole design and look of LA meets Vegas. Great size hotel. Not big not tiny. Plenty to offer. Rooms were cool. Just loved the rat pack carpet and how different it was from other hotels. A risk doing a stylish design on the north strip but really liked it. Would stay again. Liked the service friendly. A hotel that could be a bit pretentious but was welcoming even to all. Hope people try it out and it does OK. Probably needs more gaming to generate enough revenue to financially work long term. Needs to market itself creatively and probably compete with downtown places with cheaper gaming tables but sometimes you do the right marketing and it takes a few years. Locals from LA should love the style and the smaller less hectic feel. A hotel that can easily become a local favorite for a nice stylish evening out. Dress up a bit have dinner do some gaming dancing stay a weekend without the masses of the lower strip. Out of Towner's from all over will like it. locals will to. Worth discovering this nice hip cool unpretentious smaller hotel that fills a huge void on the north strip. Hopefully a catalyst for new development on the north strip. Check it out. Its worth a change in Vegas plans.