joe roma iii
Casino Niagara Casino Niagara
Niagara Falls, Ontario
"joe roma iii"
went to the Casino Niagara poker room on a Saturday Morning...had one game going and i got on the list where I was told there would be another game starting in 10 minutes.... .walked around came back about 9 minutes later.....sat at an empty table... the brush immediately bee lined towards me and said "....YOU CAN'T SIT THERE, YOU HAVE TO SIT OVER THERE.." pointing towards a bar with seating and video poker games...I said "OK no problem" .. as I was walking towards the area that she rudely directed me to I asked her when the new game was going to start..whereupon she frantically stated "....THAT DOESN'T MATTER YOU STILL CAN'T SIT THERE".....I just smiled at her and sat in the bar for about a minute until they called the names for the new game. I have played poker in many venues throughout the USA and have never seen staff chase players out of the room ...are they hoping that you feed the video poker while you wait? don't know but the lady brush there is a miserable rude person who hates her job....and I thought Canadians were supposed to be friendly...LOL. Was my second trip to that Casino/Poker room...had a nice experience there the first time but I will not be returning. ...the dealers are very slow..and I watched a male brush stop the game to argue with a player for 5 minutes over a seat change..LOL.. .the game itself and the other players are very friendly, but the staff there is pretty not recommend.

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