Christopher J B Scholten
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"Christopher J B Scholten"
=== Nice facilities; horrible staff attitude === Nice facilities - when they're open. The room that we stayed in was very nice, and comfortable. There weren't hard pillows however. The main indoor pool was closed for the entire duration of our stay. The outdoor pools were heated somewhat. One was nice, the other was too cool on a winter's day. Upon checking out, I was advised that there was a $0 balance on my account, however a $24 charge later appeared on my credit card. When I called the front desk to enquire about this, I was told that an inventory had been done and we had drunk 3 water bottles (we hadn't -- they were clearly labelled as $6 each!!). I was formerly advised that there were sensors on the minibar and that they would trigger. I described this to the front desk, and the lady 'Noni' insisted that an inventory was done, sorry for the inconvenience, but it can't be reversed. I asked to speak to her manager at which point I was put on hold, then advised that as a once-off courtesy, the charges would be reversed. I told her that it was NOT a courtesy, and while I appreciated that she was able to resolve the problem, I should not have had to go through this in the first place. Horrible attitude, wouldn't stay again.