Kevin Russell
The Greenside Restaurant
Tilton, New Hampshire
"Kevin Russell"
I have eaten here several times, all of the 7 times I have; the food was disproportionate to the prices. And the atmosphere was mismatched cluttered. Everytime I go back I think "I'm sure last time was just a fluke" well, sorry to say, it hasn't been. It's consistently disappointing. There are several factors I look at when thinking about my time at a restaurant for review. Cleanliness, Food portions, friendly staff, menu items and how good it tasted. The tables and atmosphere were clean. The food portions were small for big price. The staff were friendly but in a busy atmosphere eventually got impatient with my family member trying to choose menu items. The menu items were a decent selection, but wasn't a big list. Finally the food tasted ok, it certainly wasn't the best food I had ever tasted. I had the Eggs benedict. It was sub par as the english muffin was cold when it got there. Overall I would give my several experiences 2/5 stars. Every time has been about the same. But I leave you with this, try it for yourself. One opinion shouldn't matter if you are looking for a restaurant. It's just time and money spent you can never get back.