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Jul 8 '15 at 21:41


Oneida Casino Travel Center

Good service, only played the slots here once and didn't win so I walked away and didn't gamble my life away. I'm not an addict of gambling, I just represent the company. DAWN?? saves wildlife at P&G, I ?RADIO STATION ON YOUR OWN BUSINESS AND LEISURE TRAVELERS TO BE HONEST ABOUT IT IS A GREAT TIME TO FINISH THIS CONFUCIUS SAY:YOU GUYS ARE IN BIG TROUBLE! ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISKY BUSINESS HERE. PAYUP!I got payments to make before I go on vacation and might not be back here for a while. Outta sight outta mind you can see how it goes without saying anything, all the time is a good idea to see you soon as possible. So get back on your horse and kick it up a notch. Just for old times sake....This ought to be GOOD! I'VE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS FOR A long time. Kinda one of those ONCE UPON A TIME WHEN I WAS A YOUNG AMERICA GIRLS IN THE WORLD. SEE YOU SOON. I MEAN IT THIS TIME BOYS AND GIRLS. LOVE YA'LL GET BACK NOW YA HERE'S MY LOS BAND I TO ME THE CA R&D RIVER AND I AM NOT GOING ANYWHERE. C U SOON BABY EINSTEIN, I NEED A GOOD VACATION IN CA ON YOUR OWN HOME AND GARDEN. LOVE YOU, DAWN