Isleta Casino Sucks
Isleta Resort & Casino Isleta Resort & Casino
Albuquerque, New Mexico
"Isleta Casino Sucks"
I wish I could give this casino negative stars. Worst casino in New Mexico for sure. Don't believe the positive reviews as they probably pay for most of them. If this casino lets you win, it is because you are new and they want to get you coming back. After that, you aren't gonna win nothing... EVER!! Don't make the same mistake I made and pump your money in this place time and time again. You will wish you hadn't. Go anywhere but here. Not a fair casino at all. Payout rate is probably maybe 10 percent, and not the normal 80 percent. And even 80 percent is low for most places. I have talked to a lot of people as well and they all say this place is worthless. So many people. It used to be decent. Then they got a new manager of some kind (that has to do with how the slots are run). It just went to crap.