Bryan Uzz
Tortoise Rock Casino Tortoise Rock Casino
Twentynine Palms, California
"Bryan Uzz"
My girlfriend has had food poisoning from the food court and been deathly ill for the last 20 hours. We contacted the health inspector for San Bernardino county and they told us that since its on tribal land they can't do jack about it. So if you want to play Russian Roulette with your life at a place that has zero government oversight or accountability, go right ahead; hope the odds are in your favor. UPDATE: they called my girlfriend back today only to essentially YELL at her about how we can't prove it was them. guess what? That's the only place we ate at that day. Then she condescendingly asked what they could do for her, and when she asked for her whole EIGHT DOLLARS for the quesadilla back, she said they couldn't do anything about it. Hope it was worth it. I'm going to make sure every single person in 29 Palms learns you don't take this seriously and have no oversight mechanisms. Good luck with future business.