Sanya Keo
Grand Sierra Resort and Casino (GSR) Grand Sierra Resort and Casino (GSR)
Reno, Nevada
"Sanya Keo"
This review is only for your reservation staff. Carolyn was awesome by answering questions that was needed. She was friendly and professional. I returned the call for I forgot a question and I should of grabbed her name, but couldn't hear due to being sick. She was very rude and just me turned away. I'd expected the hotel reservation staff to be able to answer a general question regarding resort fees, but instead she turned me away to the incorrect brokerage company I reserved from, with a rude attitude. Our brokerage might have used a third party to reserve our hotel stays, in which I am not to contact the third party but to contact MY broker. After rephrasing my question regarding mandatory resort fees, she rudely gave me an answer and hung up. NOT HAPPY. Suggestion: if you're unhappy with your employment, find another.