Thomas von Kurthausen
Le Golden Vegas Le Golden Vegas
"Thomas von Kurthausen"
Stayed here for one night because it was the cheapest, $88 per night, for the area where I needed to be. Upon walking in at check-in, there was a line of 6 people and only one front desk staff. It took about half an hour to get seen to. The lady at the front desk was cordial and nice but it took her a while because she kept answering calls to the desk because no one else was there. Upon receiving my room key, I went to my room on the second floor. I found this strange since when I made the reservation I specifically asked for a room on a higher floor. The room I had received was TINY. The windows faced Main Street and The Plaza Hotel so all night long I could hear cars and street traffic. Along with the noise level, there was a particular odor to the room. I wouldn't say it was bad, but it was just old. On the technical side of things, the WiFi was usable though not fast. I'd probably expect something better if you're paying $20+ a day for it. Going on to the rest of the room, the layout of he bathroom was odd. Whenever you opened the bathroom door it slammed into the toilet. It would only open about 3/4 of the way. On the bathroom, the water pressure on the shower was very weak. You had to stand directly under the shower head in order to wash. Finally, the bed was average at best. The mattress was lumpy and you could feel the springs in the frame digging into your back. Overall, I suppose you get what you pay for. I definitely wouldn't stay here again if I has the choice but I wouldn't say it is the worst hotel I've ever been in.