Kristi Hayes
The Mill Casino Hotel The Mill Casino Hotel
North Bend, Oregon
"Kristi Hayes"
We stayed here over Thanksgiving and our experience wasn't great. First off, we booked 2 weeks in advance and once we confirmed our reservations a few days prior we were told that we had accidentally only been booked for one night and we would have to switch rooms for the 2nd night. We stayed for 3 nights and every day had to switch rooms with 1 child and 1 baby. What a pain!! We paid close to $500 for 3 nights and would expect better service. And, if that wasn't bad enough, we were actually accused of having a dog in the rooms. We drove all the way from out of state in a small sedan with 2 kids in a car seat, how could we have a dog?? I will admit that my 1 year old is a little messy and did drop some crackers on the floor, but I can assure you she isn't shedding dog hair. We don't even own a pet due to the fact I'm allergic to all fur bearing animals and my husband also has horrific allergies to pets. I'm beyond dismayed. I would expect better service out of a hotel. We have stayed at many hotels in our travels and never run into anything like this. Also, the beds are very uncomfortable. I woke up both mornings with a sore back. I will say that the Thanksgiving buffet was delicious and they had a great selection of food. Also, the pool is nice and my kids had fun swimming. The other problem is that there is never parking so unless you use valet, good luck finding a spot. Perhaps the hotel should think about building a parking garage. It was so sad to see my kids' elderly grandparents soaking wet barely able to walk limping across the parking lot. There wasn't even handicapped parking available for them the parking lot was so packed. All in all, I definitely won't be staying here again the next time we come to town.