Revel Casino Hotel Revel Casino Hotel
Atlantic City, New Jersey
Just do not stay unless you book the most expensive room All I am going to say is that unless you pay for the best room they have. You will be disappointed. Smell of pot on the hall. I was mortified. The picture on the internet was not the room we reserved. We stayed at waterfront for an additional charge after 2 hours of arguing. They eventually waved it. It was a convention week and they did not have many rooms available. The front desk was rude and basically you don't like it leave. I made a phone call and they offered a free upgrade but I was unaware at the very same time my husband said decided to check out. I went back up and I wanted them to know I spoke to someone who agreed to the free upgrade but it was given away. We agreed on a different room. It was so late and we were so tired we swallowed our pride and finally the notes showed up that we were offered a free upgrade. It was not about the money, it was the the fact they rented a room that needs to have a health inspector. Apparently there are people who don't mind what the to looked like. Then again they were loud and trashed and pot smell almost made me feel unsafe. We ate at the Buffet the next night we arrive at 7:45. The cashier said they stop seating at 8 and food is no longer refilled after 8:45. I asked since it was 85$ if that meant we had to leave or they just stop continuing to keep the food from stocked. She said correct you can continue to refill if you'd like. They only seated from 4pm-8 pm. At 8:45 the hostess came around and said the buffet is now closing and they close at 9:15. It was so busy it took a while to even look at everything they offered. By the time we sat down it seemed they were saying the food is no longer being served. The entire staff ran around taking off labels and at 8:5O each the cooks had removed completely all food any food left they had still out did not have utensils to get more food. By 9 they were cleaning up as to push you out. They also continued to try and take your plate while eating and you could not even get a drink. Totally not what I asked originally. Being open for only 4 hours you'd think they included at least an additional hour to allow you to sit and relax. In all we had 10 min to eat. Others were smart and had 3 plates at once. Not that you had time to eat. For 85$ I had the 3 crab leg limit and rice and string beans. NEVER again. The front desk manager assured me the room we were in would be put out if order. Not so sure that happened. I'm contacting the health department to file a complaint. Some picture I did not show to public. If you can use your imagination of stains on the furniture. Unless you go for the advertised rooms at the front desk. Or these things are not a bother you are good to go