Guilherme Spader
Cales Casino Cales Casino
Plano, TX
"Guilherme Spader"
My experience was great. First of wall, a booked a room in Barceló Beach, but the accommodations are very poor and old and the oceanfront, in the first floor, is a lie, because there was a wall of bushes at the front. Me and my wife HATED it, so I request a transfer do Barceló Palace. There, the accommodations are outstanding; the room is well decorated, the spaces are well distributed, the furniture is new and there’s a formidable jacuzzi in the balcony. Also the infrastructure is excellent. Almost all the restaurants and attractions (casino, pools, bars) are in the Barceló Palace and, despite this, when you are in the room you don’t listen to nothing, like kids running or noise from anywhere, because the building stay far from these places. I recommend. The only negative point is the staff’s english. It’s terrible. They mix english with the local spanish and create and incredible new language.