Laura Graham
Indian Springs Hotel & Casino Indian Springs Hotel & Casino
Indian Springs, Nevada
"Laura Graham"
I chose Hard Rock because I had stayed a few years ago for a company training. Needless to say that things either went south since my last trip or we had been provided with better care and amenities, since a company was paying for it. But this particular trip was plain awful. Booked a suite in their HRH tower which I had no idea it was older and way crappier that the Paradise tower. Starting with an outdated room with stained furniture and walls, continuing with an awful stained bathtub and a counterpoint that looked like it hadn't been cleaned in a while, going onto the bed which had some weird mattress top that literally made you sink in it with pillows that once you put your head on them they basically became as thin as a sheet of paper - we hated the room. I tried to get it changed but the clerk wanted more money for another room, which she didn't get. So we sucked it up for 3 nights and could not wait to get out of there quicker. I had stayed in other Hard Rock hotels and they were fabulous as they should be, but this one - even the employees looked like they couldn't care less to be there. We are not extremely picky, but I draw the line at stained furniture that's advertised as this gorgeous suite on their website. Do not ever book a suite in the HRH tower of Hard Rock Las Vegas. Splurge a bit and go with a juicer hotel with higher standards of cleanliness and hospitality.