Trevor Friesen
Cales Casino Cales Casino
Plano, TX
"Trevor Friesen"
The service here is excellent. There are 7 a la carte restaurants here that you can dine at every night (just make a reservation asap). The food is fancy and the staff is very polite and willing to help. The casino makes things fun just stay away from slots obviously. If you stay on this side of the resort (the palace) your wrist band will not allow you access to the bars and restaurants on the adult side. However, if you are staying on the adults only side (the beach) your wristband allows full access to both resorts. I guess they just want to keep things quiet over on the adult side and it is. Not many people seem to tip at this resort so you won't feel awkward if you're not tipping. The staff do really appreciate the tips they do get though. And after meeting these people you will want to tip them. There's a nice little beach market you can visit just a short (5 min) walk away in the direction towards the adult side. Check it out.