Adam Tritt
Victory Casino Cruises - Port Canaveral Victory Casino Cruises - Port Canaveral
Cape Canaveral, FL
"Adam Tritt"
The buffet was mostly terrible. Dry roast beef, dried out fish, both cod and tilapia, and tough meatloaf. And that was the best of it. There is little ventilation for the smoke. There was nothing but canned music, the same CD over and over, in the entertainment area. A band played, a fellow with a guitar that lip-synched to himself, and managed to do that badly, and a fellow who pressed seemingly random keys on his keyboard and seemingly random moments. The ship smelled of mildew, as though the carpets were old. There were teenagers who walked ON drunk and managed to stay drunk the entire time, falling all over the place. Please, please don't make me go back again!