Caren Hoey
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"Caren Hoey"
Was greeted by the my choice cashier man was told 3 times to enter a different line with no one there as people came we all agreed upon ourselves who was next knowing VIP comes first. As I was told to turn around and get to the end of the line I turned around and the lady that I was talking with( who also questioned what the big commotion was about) told me to stand right there. I was then taken by the other attendant who then helped me with my needs and retrieving a new my choice card for my gambling points and promotions that, River City offers, as well as three other family members that I brought with me and three more to come meet us for our family Christmas dinner which, by the way was my suggestion we were really pleased and the service was great! Unfortunately, the situation at the my choice desk should have been handled in a more professional manner.