Vinh Tran
Cal Neva Nevadan Tower Cal Neva Nevadan Tower
Reno, Nevada
"Vinh Tran"
Rosie Cafe Experience The lady at the front treated me with no respect at all. The first night I asked for a table for three and she said I had to wait for an hour. However, there was an open table right in front of me. She denied it. I then asked to go to take out. I was lead to the counter where I waited 30 minutes just to get noticed. It would take another 15 minutes to be served. It would then take 30 more minute just to receive my food. This was all on the first night. The second night I wanted to get a late snack from their since the Cafe was said to be 24 hours. I came there to be notified by a sign that it was not actually 24 hours. I just wanted to eat a pastry. I was prevented from being able to purchase one because they were "under maintenance". The pastry stand looked open and even a women was ordering from their. So I walked there but I was then greeted by same front lady. And she told me that they was closed. I told her that I justed wanted to buy a pastry from the stand next to us. She said no because we are closed and she referred me to another restaurant in the hotel which was also CLOSED. This is some terrible service. Honestly my experience was terrible because of the front lady.