Jessica Dennis
Cherokee Casino - Roland Cherokee Casino - Roland
Roland, Oklahoma
"Jessica Dennis"
The casino is nice & clean , however the payouts are nothing. The highest I won on a slot "bonus " Was $9.00! At least let people win a little bit of money so they can have some play time on the machines. I know casinos always have the house edge , however most casinos I gamble at, I will win a little something so that it extends my play time. I was even max betting and no luck here. Also, the variety of slot games is not enough to accommodate the amount of people on the floor and the 1-2 good slots they do have, people are on for a long time so good luck getting a chance to play. I did get $20.00 in free play for signing up for their players card . The casino is nice , just loosen the slots a little bit so people will stay in your casino longer. We were in and out in 30 minutes due to losing our cash fast .