Presque Isle Downs & Casino Presque Isle Downs & Casino
Erie, Pennsylvania
I agree with the security guard comment. Oddly a friend and I were there and noticed the same thing. I realize they're not there to be friends but all that unfriendliness necessary? I have to say too that I have never lost so consistently lol. I know they're not in the business of giving it away but damn. seriously? I heard all the same negative comments everywhere I went in there. No free spins, small payouts, hard to get anything etc. Lots of people lose and grumble but it's all very true. No kidding, got 50 free spins, won 20 bucks!! daaaamn. EVERYONE was complaining about free spins that never paid a dime. I had that same experience when I FINALLY got them! Seriously? What fun is that? Shuffle off to Buffalo. It's WAY more fun. Oh, and don't come hungry unless you have enough money to buy drinks, get raped for food AND lose your money lol. Don't do it!!!