Michael Moizumi
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Maple Ridge, British Columbia
"Michael Moizumi"
Went through the store to drop off some used batteries for recycling. I was instructed by the front door greeter to see a sales rep who could help me. I asked a sales rep who said I had to drop it off at the Customer Service desk which was completely full with a line up and I wasn't about to wait in line just to drop off used batteries! I went back to the front door greeter and asked if I could just leave the batteries with her, but she said "Sorry!" and she could not help me. I walked out pretty angry for wasting my time while doing my part in saving the environment and not really getting much assistance from the Best Buy staff. Luckily I went to London Drugs which had a very accessible drop off bin right next to the battery aisle and that's all I needed to get the job done. I don't understand why this Best Buy can't do the same?! Scanning the reviews I can see that Customer Service is definitely not a strong point at this Coquitlam Center Best Buy. I wonder if they ever bother to check these reviews, because some of these workers could use a serious attitude adjustment, otherwise we as customers can come in and really give them a taste of their own medicine. Of note, at first I tried to file a complaint through their website contact services, but trying to do that is a whole other pain in the ass issue in itself, so I'll just leave it at that...