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Jan 3 '17 at 13:17

Charvonte' Crane

Flamingo Las Vegas

Charvonte' Crane
First, the operator booked me for the wrong hotel when I called to make reservations. Next, I arrive to the hotel, stand in line 10mins. One person walks up from VIP, begins complaining. The manager then comes from the back and speaks with her while the receptionist pulls 4 more from VIP while there's 10+ guests waiting in line to be checked in and out. Also, every customer, the receptionist had to got to the back & being out her manager. She needed to be trained better. How come there is only one receptionist and the manager refuses to help her? How come VIP doesn't have their own line w/their own receptionist? Why is it that the receptionist pulls only from VIP instead of alternating like other hotels. Worst service & hotel I've ever been to.