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Jan 3 '17 at 10:00

angela hayden

Apache Casino Hotel

angela hayden
New Years was a drag in here. Nothing exciting about it at all. I thought it would be good to go , but it was poorly coordinated. You had to stand inline to get party favors, get a card, and ask questions. They need a coordinator when it comes to holidays. As many people that was in there before 12 should have been there after. It emptied out after 12. They gave away $10,000.00 the night before and the night of $2,017.00. Now, you know that wasn't right. No food served, you had to buy cheap champagne, and music just upstairs. You'll just renovated and didn't make a place for a bar and dance area? Most casinos now have a dance area. There should have been giveaways all night long on different stuff: pots and pans, headphones, gift cards to stores, money, restaurant gift cards, etc. Make it worth coming to. Sometimes you have to give back to the community that has supported you. I was so disappointed that I have sworn off going into this casino for any holiday now. I can't believe that they did this. What is going on with the 2 kiosk that you have to swipe into to be able to be in any drawing. You have 5 kiosks right there together and only 2 to get in the drawings. All 5 should be able to service the same thing. That's another wait inline. Very poorly managed and need to really step up. I know they make enough money to improve their performance. The more I think about it the more I think I'm done all together with Apache Casino! I can spend my money somewhere else that will appreciate me and the community.