Jessica Bush
Four Winds Casino Resort Four Winds Casino Resort
New Buffalo, Michigan
"Jessica Bush"
Where to even begin? Tiny tots in kids quest of the Four Winds casino is a disgrace to paid child caregivers everywhere. As someone who has been a professional Nanny for years, I was shocked at the lack of common sense and care I witnessed. My husband and I decided to try out the day care due to a glowing recommendation from a coworker of his. There is nothing we enjoyed about our day care experience. We provided an entire diaper bag for our 6 month baby, including diapers, wipes, soft blanket, bottle with milk for 2 feedings, his favorite toys, pacifier, and teethers. The day are even does a bag inventory, so they were aware of these tools available. We checked him in and went to enjoy the casino at around 8pm. I received a call at 11pm stating they've tried everything and he's been crying nonstop for 30 minutes. They would like to know if there's anything else they can try. Well, thinking they've tried everything my husband and I take a break in our evening to go check in on baby. Upon arrival I insist to go back myself and calm him. I was horrified by what I saw. His face was all red, blotchy, and scratched up. He had snot running down his face into his mouth, which he was then choking on. The staff had him strapped in a newborn swing, which obviously wasn't helping. I picked him up and looked for his pacifier. The staff couldn't tell me where it was, responding with, "We've only been in his diaper bag for diapers. Why would you not look in his bag for items to soothe him?! Why had they told me they had tried everything?! Needless to say, their credibility is shot. So, I continue to soothe him and get him to fall asleep. I also don't understand while all the tiny tots were even awake at 11pm?? Children that little should be asleep or at least in an environment promoting sleep time. Instead the room was bright and loud. There were toys strewn everywhere. I almost tripped while walking the baby to sleep in there. The sleeping area wasn't even set up! Mattresses were leaning up against the wall in the cribs unmade. Even if I had decided to lay my child down once asleep and go back to the casino, I couldn't. I witnessed multiple children crying hysterically! One baby was just wailing, laying on the floor, with neither of the two staff members paying attention to her. Upon my husband and I trying to depart with our sleeping baby, we were told we'd have to leave him in the room with the staff, go check out, then come back to get him. Of course we did not do that! My husband went and did the check out process while I stayed back in the room with baby. No way were we leaving him with the staff I had witnessed! They were the most unprofessional, untrained, and incompetent child care providers I've ever experienced.