NaviJana Bustos
Arizona Charlie's Boulder Arizona Charlie's Boulder
Las Vegas, Nevada
"NaviJana Bustos"
I always stay at this hotel for the size of the rooms but at my most recent visit, I had ordered two rooms. One of the rooms had ants. Security came out and took pictures. Was never given or offered another room and my mother in law got bit. She went to the reservation desk and was told it would be taken care of and the room had been paid. When I called to ensure that I would get reimbursed the manager, who was EXTREMELY RUDE, said that LOSS PREVENTION WOULD HAVE TO REIMBURSE SINCE THEY TOOK PICTURES. I went back to the hotel and the loss prevention manager tells me that the MANAGER IS THE ONLY ONE WHO COULD APPROVE IT. I was told it would get looked into and I would get a call back. This was in November. NEVER AGAIN WILL I COME HERE OR RECOMMEND IT. THEY HAD HOMELESS PEOPLE AND SUSPICIOUS PEOPLE THAT WERE HANGING AROUND THE BACK SIDE OF THE HOTEL ALSO THIS LAST TIME I WENT. NOT WORTH THE MONEY. PAY THE RESORT FEES AND GO TO A HOTEL ROOM THAT MEETS YOUR STANDARDS AND DOESN'T TRY TO WEASEL YOU OUT OF MONEY FOR THEIR PEST CONTROL ISSUES.