Mike Spatz
Hollywood Casino - St. Louis
Maryland Heights, Missouri
"Mike Spatz"
Last night I had the worst restaurant experience that I have ever had anywhere before. I will never be coming back. My wife and I, along with 2 friends made online reservations for New Years eve. When we arrived for our reservation, we were met with being told that they were running behind and we would have to be late. In addition, we were told that we were being forced to choose from a limited menu. The limited menu forced you to use their 4 course meal in which you were charged 65.00 per serson. You chose from one of 2 appetizers, 1 of 2 salads, 1 of 3 entrees and 1 of 2 desserts. So without any prior knowledge or heads up and too late to do anything about it we had to spend 176.00 for 2 dinners and a glass of wine...there was a mandatory 20 percent tip added onto check. I never would have made the reservations had I known I was going to have to choose from a crappy limited menu, with no pasta choices from an Italian restaurant, that was going to cost 65.00 per person. Horrible communication!