Mark Mouser
Hollywood Casino - St. Louis
Maryland Heights, Missouri
"Mark Mouser"
$186 !!!! 2 drinks and a 4 course meal prepared ahead of time in order to rush customers in and out on New Year's Eve dinner. Appetizer: tasted and appeared to be frozen and microwaved cannoli. salad was soggy, but sadly the best part of the meal My date and I both ordered steak, he ended up with chicken, no clue why. My steak was hard and tough to even chew. They had 2 options for dessert, but all out of chocolate and we were left with tarimasu. You could tell it was precut and had been sitting on the line for a while because the outside was dry. I was appalled at the way they handled things. I will never come here again and will make sure that my friends and family are aware of the thoughtlessness of the New Year's Eve planning

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