Adam Lynch
Finger Lakes Casino & Racetrack Finger Lakes Casino & Racetrack
Farmington, New York
"Adam Lynch"
We have been coming here for years, little by little the food quality has dropped along with the payouts. Now we went new years Eve for the lobster therador & beef tenderloin buffet. The food was horrible and the service was worse! We waited in line for 40 minutes, we were seated and after 15 minutes we still didn't have drinks so we hit the food. I had made two trips to the buffet ( because the food wasn't good at all) and still didn't have drinks. After asking where the lobster was I was told it's mixed with other seafood in a gumbo pot pie. I'm sorry but signs everywhere said clearly lobster Theodore.... Not seafood slop! And good luck getting a clean plate or bowl. Soup was empty(all 4) shrimp was nasty like warm and rubbery. The entire buffet was worse than any buffet or restaurant I have been to. And did I mention we paid $28 a head for this trash! But it's OK because they gave us all a 3 oz glass of warm paint thinner they called champagne.... And to top it off, the machines were just sucking your money. I blew $700 in 15 minutes! And another$100 after getting shamed with a horrible dinner. So meny other people in the casino were pissed off as we were and I say " we will never go back" hello largo!