Marcy Severson
Ho-Chunk Gaming Wisconsin Dells Ho-Chunk Gaming Wisconsin Dells
Baraboo, Wisconsin
"Marcy Severson"
If I go back there again it will be because someone is paying my way. The last time my husband and I were there, we went to the grille (as we always do) before we were about to head home. We were treated like an inconvenience from the moment the lady looked up at us. We had planned on using our coupons that we had gotten in our monthly mailer from them. (As we always had before) I was ordering a sandwich that we had planned on splitting and he was ordering fries and onion rings. We were told my husband could not use his food coupon for fries because it is an appetizer and not a meal. I on the other hand was able to order a sandwich..... From the sandwich menu. (not a meal, mind you) The lady was beyond rude to us and we ended up leaving without using our coupons at all. My question is, why send them out if people can't actually use them? It is completely ridiculous. Not to mention that the staff on the floor follows you around like you are casing the place or something. I almost feel like I am a criminal being watched.... And I've never done anything but leave all of my money there. There are a handful of friendly staff that I have come across, otherwise it's hard to even see a smile around there. Nekoosa is a short drive from there and a completely different atmosphere. That is where we will be taking our business from now on....

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