Jitika Kantharia
Stratosphere Casino Hotel and Tower Stratosphere Casino Hotel and Tower
Las Vegas, Nevada
"Jitika Kantharia"
My first visit to Vegas turned into a disappointment the moment I was at the registration desk of Stratosphere. I booked a non-smoking king size room for me and my husband but as per the rep it was merely a "suggestion" which was not required to be fulfilled by the hotel so we were given a smoking room wherein we had two sleepless nights.The hotel lobby and the room smelled cigars smoke all over. They had someone come over to spray in out room but that didn't really help us stop coughing all night long. We had to visit the registration desk every morning at 11 am so that they could see "what they can do" due to which we were forced to stay in the hotel and fight. After three days of waiting we were given a 'queen' size non-smoking room. We had already lost our hope to receive a king size bed room so we took it. Is this the type of vacation or customer service they want us to remember? Clearly, they made us remember all of it and we are never returning. I wish I could have my time of booking a vacation back. Save yourself.