Stephanie Wortman
Mangrove Tree Resort and Casino Mangrove Tree Resort and Casino
Sanya Bay
"Stephanie Wortman"
Love it so much we are going back. Our first trip to an AI was here in 2014 and we have since gone to a few other islands and chose a few other chains but for 2017 we are returning to Princess because it was wonderful. The beach was amazing, the rooms were spectacular, the service was bar none the best we have had in all our trips. The staff was soooooo friendly and helpful and eager to please. The food was great as well, some of the best we have had south. Cook stations at the Buffet were great. If expecting food like NA don't it's not. Resturants were fine but I did prefer the buffet. Wifi....yes spotty but who cares you are on vacation...unplug.

Vegas Helicopters
Vegas Helicopters