Silver Sevens Hotel & Casino Silver Sevens Hotel & Casino
Las Vegas, Nevada
There is NOTHING "Silver" about these Sevens! I've stayed here a total of two times. Once for a few days over Christmastime to visit my girlfriend, who lives in Las Vegas, and again one week ago. There is no valet OR bellman at this property, so imagine a young couple in their thirties, DRAGGING A BAGGAGE CART THROUGHOUT THE CASINO to get to our room!! This was an inconvenience, and did not help the fact that both my girlfriend and I were exhausted from our our day. Learning from our stay previous stay, last week, we were fortunate to park closer to where we were staying at, and carrying our baggage wasn't as much of a hassle. -However, the walls of this hotel are so PAPER THIN that we bared witness to a man beating his woman in the room above ours, and we quietly called security to put a kibosh to the noise because it was disturbing the peace. Needless to say, we will NOT be staying here again!

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$99 Vegas Helicopter Tours