fifi la singe
Plainridge Park Casino Plainridge Park Casino
Plainville, Massachusetts
"fifi la singe"
depressing. at first walking in, very clean, very new-ish, everyone friendly - except it's not friendly. except in the one restaurant, the waitress was nice, friendly and helpful. but they don't take your keno bets. you have to get up and go to the register and pay there. kind of weird. like the computer "dealers" at the game tables. won't go near that weirdness. bad juju. the slot payouts are TERRIBLE. NOTHING. the isn't a slot in the house you can't find for "free" online, which means they're video based. OR they're 7's and more 7's. Lots of 7's slots - also slots that don't pay. no fabulous old slots like Haywire! there's nothing thats compelling, fun, different or exciting. just a room crowded with machines sucking up your money. only a few .25 cent machines. keep in mind to win, when you play to win, you play max at 1.25 a pop. most are either .01 machines which we know are really $5 a pop or they're $1 and up machines which also start at $5 a pop. I go to win some and usually lose a little more. gambling is supposed to be fun. that's why you pay to do it. you pay because you think you'll get lucky. not here. it's dead. no one screaming out because they hit, none of that raucous excitement of the hot jackpot win. no one is winning. everyone young and old simply sits there mechanically shoveling their money into machines until it's time to go home when there's nothing left. SAD ASS the only thing good about it is it's a non smoking environment. I'll go back to CT or try out RI. never again. you can do better than this MA. really.

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