Kayla Herzfeld
Flamingo Las Vegas Flamingo Las Vegas
Las Vegas, Nevada
"Kayla Herzfeld"
We had to switch rooms twice due to loud neighbors. I know this is no fault of the hotel itself, but in the first room we didn't have a trash can in the room. We called for one and never received it. I also had some lost and found items that I realized as soon as we had checked out. They were (and continue to be, because I never heard back) very unhelpful in my search. I left behind some expensive items that I realized as soon as we had checked out and knew exactly where I left them and in which room. I will never see these items again and that's really frustrating. I would not stay here again and do not recommend. Great location, but that's all it really has above the other hotels in the area. I am a hospitality professional myself and saw no real level of helpfulness or hospitality from the staff of the hotel.

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