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Oct 2 '13 at 10:39

Can't believe there aren't more reviews for this great venue. I first went to 2 of the after-shows from Prince's 2007 21 Nights Tour. Both were amazing for different reasons. First show, I was standing 2-3 people from the front & felt like I'd made it onto the set of Purple Rain, a life-affirming gig, I was so close! Sound system was superb & didn't distract from his Purpleness' greatness... so many places are just too loud & distorted to enjoy the music & lose yourself in the moment. 2nd visit I spent some more for a VIP balcony ticket with VIP bar access and was treated to a masterclass in musicianship, jazz and funk from Maceo Parker and all of Prince's hornz & rhythm sections. Spotted some celebs in & around the VIP bar & appreciated that the tracks played while waiting for the gigs to start were some of Funks originators (James Brown, George Clinton's Funkadelic, Larry Graham's Grand Central Station and of course Sly & The Family Stone (spot on).