brian campbell
Rhythm City Casino Rhythm City Casino
Davenport, Iowa
"brian campbell"
From outside the casino looks inviting but you get inside and staff looks miserable, unhappy. I overheard a server talking about quitting while at a machine, the table staff seemed depressed, and the pit boss was rude. No life to this place...The feeling I took away from my visit was depressing. The machines were very tight, tighter than riverside casino which says a lot. I was hoping we would have a good experience here but walked away feeling I wasted my entire evening, the drive took 1 hour up and another to go home.Best part of this experience was going home. I been gambling for nearly 10 years been to over 30 casinos worked for 2 casinos and would have rate this casino as one of the worst casinos in America.Do not waste your time and money to visit. The only reason I am leaving 2 stars is exterior appearance at night is nice and interior design is beautiful however all life and experiences inside is dreadful. other than that I would rate it a negative 5.