Beth McClory
Coushatta Casino Resort Coushatta Casino Resort
Kinder, Louisiana
"Beth McClory"
I went with my boyfriend and his parents and played the roulette table at night, stayed at the casino hotel and went back in the morning to finish up. WELL come to find out....once you leave the table for the night your chips are not longer the same value. I had $5.00 chips and they told me all they could do is give me $1.00 each for them. The pit boss came over and said the same thing. I was obviously upset and very embarrassed, they could have cared less. Even when I told them we were just at this same table last night and stayed in the casino hotel they didn't do anything to compensate or show any kind of remorse. I have been to ALOT of casino's in vegas and other places in the country and I have NEVER had them do that. I will NOT gamble at that casino EVER again. I would also not recommend this casino to anyone else.