Gary Holubec
Alamo Casino Mills City
Imlay, Nevada
"Gary Holubec"
One star is a lot more than this place deserves! The blackjack dealers are very nice and I truly feel bad for them having to work in such a dump. The people that gave a high rating were referring to the food in the restaurant which has nothing to do with the casino. Win more than $100 and you will be asked to leave. So long as you put money in their tray your ok. In other words, if you want to stay be sure you don't win. The casino manager is a real dim-wit with a nasty attitude who treats his customers as poorly as his employees! I always tip the dealers even when I'm not winning. There was not even one other person tipping at any of the other three tables other than me! But who did the J.A. manager tell they could not play anymore? Me! I play a lot of blackjack all over the map, but mostly in Vegas at Luxor and Mandalay Bay which do not have any problem when it comes down to how they treat their employees or their guests. So if you are in the Reno Sparks area and want a little table action? Try The Nugget, it's just a few miles west of the Alamo. Very nice friendly people that appreciate your business.....